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Many have asked me about my experiences of being part of the International House of Prayer in Kansas City as a staff member and intern and what I learned in my time of being involved there.  Starting a blog seemed to be the best way to address others’ questions and share my experiences with those who are seeking to know what lies below the surface of this seemingly “successful” organization.  Whether you have been involved with an IHOP personally, have left (or contemplating leaving because you’re starting to see the red flags) or know someone who has, my prayer is that within the posts of this blog you find truth, renewed strength, encouragement and hear the comforting reassurance that “you didn’t miss it.”

This blog is not about “bashing” leaders or ministries but it is however a whistle blower on aberrant teachings, deceptive twistings of scripture and false doctrines that are being taught and perpetrated in specific ministries (such as IHOP) and that are becoming widely accepted as truth because of their well-dressed terminology, high-tech propaganda and wide spread distribution.

I hope and pray that as you take time to read and prayerfully consider the content on this website, that your desire for truth and understanding will be increased, that your heart would be ministered to and your mind would be challenged to see things with a renewed perspective.  Whether you have currently or previously had involvement with a cult, spiritually abusive church, leadership, or other organization, I pray that the information, personal testimony, research and content of this blog will bring clarity to you and strengthen your spirit in whatever place you are presently.

*My name as well as the names of those who share their testimonies and experiences have been concealed to protect identity and privacy.   My blog alias is Ariel so if you see me use that name around the site, that is the site author and not a guest post.

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Even though I am no longer writing on this blog, I am leaving the blog up as a resource for those still finding my blog via online searches, links and referrals through friends and families.  I pray that you continue to be blessed by reading my journey.  To follow what I’m currently writing, feel free to check out my other blog Kindling Embers.