Truth is truth. Period.

Posted: March 15, 2009 in Deception, False doctrines, IHOP, Truth, Uncategorized

What saddens me are the number of people I come across who expect me to “convince” them as to why something is un-Biblical.

The Scriptures speak for themselves.
Those who truly study scripture for WHAT IT SAYS
(not the erroneous additions and interpretations that man adds to it)
will clearly be able to detect what is truth and what is deception.

If truth is what sets the heart free then the opposite is also true: what is not truth puts the heart into some kind of bondage, deception, etc. So if truth liberates then error and deception bind up.
So if you’re still following me on this…what is the antidote to coming out of deception? The TRUTH!  Scripture tells us that if you know the truth, it will set you free…free from what?  Free from everything that has masqueraded as truth and slowly drugged us spiritually with its poisonous deceptions.

All through the New Covenant, book after book is filled with warnings about false teachers that present a new gospel. How is one to detect the “strange new gospel”?  Because Paul said “if anyone preaches a gospel OTHER THAN the one we preach to you, do not listen to them.” So you must understand the true gospel in order to detect that which is false.

A false gospel often copies parts of the true Gospel which is its deception. It’s much harder to detect when it quotes from the same Bible and uses the name of G-d and makes references to some of the same things. But here’s the clincher: it must produce the SAME fruit as the Gospel of our Lord and Messiah Yeshua (Jesus) or it is a false doctrine of demons designed by the evil one to deceive G-d’s people by adding to truth a carefully worded mixture of man’s interpretations.

The Gospel is about making disciples who walk in the teachings and instructions of G-d that Jesus taught in His earthly ministry. It’s about living a life that produces the fruit of freedom, salvation, deliverance, healing and an ongoing maturity and growth in relationship to the character and nature of G-d.

In the entire time I was affiliated with the International House of Prayer, I never…not one time…heard the gospel of repentance be preached inviting people to know salvation that produces forgiveness and freedom from sin.

IHOP siphons people away from their home churches/congregations to join the “missions base” and devote themselves to IHOP’s model of doing Christianity. So they appeal only to those who are already believers and so they do not reach out to deliver the good news of the gospel…instead, they seek to only recruit new “staff” to come and join IHOP.

This is just one red flag of a “different gospel”

  1. cheaperdozen says:

    They just don’t speak the way the bible reads. And I’m not talking about the King James Version. Their doctrines are actually built on these strange definitions, which don’t make sense without a glossary to define them.

    How sad that those who buy in to this are actually being sucked in because they are flattered by their “specialness”. This whole thing is appealing to our flesh. “You’re so great,” “you’re God’s chosen generation,” “you are the greatest generation since the beginning of time.” That reminds me of the false prophets of old who spoke flattering words to the people. Not the warnings to repent, or judgment is just around the corner.

    A different spirit, indeed.

    • Ariel says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more. You are very right…without IHOP’s glossary of terms to explain their “extra” meanings for words and phrases, the casual observer would never understand what their secret language was referring to. See also my post on the secret language of cults. I have copied and pasted IHOP’s glossary right from their website.

      That “specialness” you refer to is nothing more than a form of spiritual narcissism. It feeds the flesh and takes the “G-d made you unique and He loves you” message to the level of “G-d needs you and can’t fulfill end time prophesies without you and you are chosen to be part of ‘Joel’s Army’ and be an ‘Anna’ in the prayer room to petition for His return” It has so many young people so hooked to their message for identity and validation that it blinds them to the truth of what they are being pulled into. Flattery becomes the anesthesia for a very deceptive inoculation of indoctrination.

  2. Phil Pionke says:

    I too, have been to IHOP several times since 2002. Although not a student or intern, what I have seen were red flags. This whole compilation of study is what is known as mixture and very dangerous. The question I pose is this: If God is not a God of mixture, then He is NOT present there. It is no different than all the miracles at fatima or lourdes or any other false religous shrine. I do not understand for the life of me why we can’t pick up the bible, pray for revelation of the Holy Ghost and be taught. Man is at the center of all of this, including Bill Johnson and Toronto, which now predicted by one of their seers to unite! The world church is emerging quickly!