The Cost of Truth

Posted: October 8, 2009 in Truth, Uncategorized
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We must hold to truth and smash the lies.
No matter the cost, we must stand when our knees feel weak
and our wills feeble.  We must not bow to what is convenient
and succumb to just doing what is expected.
We must count the cost.  We must question. 
We must test what we hear and see and are taught. 
All are human and thus, fallible.
None is insured against error or stumbling.
We must cling to truth, hold on to it with every breath, defend it,
stand by it and share it with those who don’t know it.
We must guard ourselves against the control of ear-tickling words.
We must protect our hearts and our minds and be careful what we absorb. We must discern between truth and error.  Our lives literally depend on it.

Lines must be drawn in the sand.  We must cross the points of no return and realize that even when it gets difficult to stand that it’s better to be free in the wilderness of trusting than a slave in the Egypt of comfort.

I challenge you, friends and readers, to guard your heart with all diligence. Ask the Father to fine tune your internal filter to detect between what is truth and what is just sugar coated poison.  The cost of walking a road toward truth, is neither cheap nor easy…but so very, very worth it.  Your friends may change.
Your zip code may change.  Your mindset may change.  It will cost much. But if the truth is not what you are pursuing, in the end, it will cost you everything.

Rest in the truth of God’s Word.  No matter the challenge of your present circumstances, having done all, simply stand and trust that there is no mire so deep that the arm of the Father cannot reach you and victoriously pull you out.

  1. Miranda says:

    Please keep writing. This is exactly what my family member is going through right now…involved with IHOP.

    • Miranda,

      Thank you for your post. I’m sorry to hear that you have had to experience watching a family member go through some of the same. I regularly hear from people who have family members still involved in IHOP and it’s truly heartbreaking to hear their stories. Thank you for visiting my blog and for sharing! Blessings to you.