Is Your Church on the List?

Posted: March 23, 2010 in Discernment, IHOP

Below is an alert I received from a reader who has had previous involvement with IHOP:

“IHOP is sending out recruiters to the churches to bring in young adults to IHOP. I do not know if it is just in the KC area or if they are branching out, but I know of 2 churches in KC they have been to. Fortunately both pastors know about IHOP and were able to talk to the recruiter. If you are in a solid church, you might warn your pastor so he will not be surprised if one shows up.”

Feel free to pass this along to others you know who would benefit from the information.

  1. Jan says:

    The amount of occultic terminology in the IHOP camp is astounding …”Awakening”, “Rain of the spirit”, “laughter transformation”, “Fresh Word”, “Breakthrough to the Heavens”, “Sweep the House”, “astral projection”, “New Wave of the Spirit”, “The River”, “decreeing”, “vision quest”, “circles to invoke the spirit”, ‘sensual love for Jesus” and ‘Alter the Heavens” are just a FEW. But, when you have men such as Mike Bickle calling on ‘angelic forces to help fight evil” (Scripture please?) no wonder. These ‘angels’ Bickle is summoning are the same ‘solar god demons’ that occultic medium Alice Bailey predicted would come down in the last days. (“Treatise of the Seven Rays”) She said, “AS MORE AND MORE DEMONS DESCEND INTO THE MINDS OF MEN, THE CHURCH WILL THINK ITS THE HOLY SPIRIT.” “And men shall wax worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived. But continue in the things you have learned…” II Timothy 3

  2. Laura says:

    All the responses sound good. Can you imagine any other churches recruiting youth from one church to another…it would never fly.

  3. LaughingGrizzley says:

    Ariel, my best guess is that they are having “cash flow” issues, as the economy is not that great (I can’t believe all the happy talk on CNBC). And, if they are building the “Conference Center” on 71 ($15 million price tag, according to the KC Star) that may have drained the finances. Unless they crank up the conferences, selling a lot of books and tapes, they may need more cash flow to expand. Having known someone that worked for the company that did payroll for Metro, they may need to look at the salaries of the full time staff.

  4. LaughingGrizzley says:

    Sounds like the 80’s, when Metro/KC Fellowship would send out “prophetic teams” to area church for a “friendly merger”. Usually a word of “you are going to make a lot of money” or “You are going to marry the person sitting next to you”. Those without discernment were “wowed” by this, never questioning the accuracy of the word. Very few church’s in the area actually merged, except for a few in Harrisonville and Clinton area.
    So, if this revival is “genuine” (if some can please reference in the Bible “revival”, please correct me. The only reference that I am aware of is the Shekinah glory in the temple and Pentacost, when G_d spirit was poured out. And if he is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow…) and you are on God TV and streaming on the internet, why would you need recruiters?

  5. Annunk says:

    I was trying think of some of the IHOP “fruit” that has made its way into the world outside of IHOP by way of the very IHOP interns(!) talking about it! Let’s go!

    OK let’s see…we have IHOP interns who have turned their backs on family and/or friends who disagree with IHOP doctrine – where some of the interns have been advised to dishonor their non-IHOP supporting parents….we have a leader who is teaching the interns about the importance of reading, listening to, and adhering to the teachings of Catholic mystics…..we have that same leader admitting that one of his lessons, (Contemplative Prayer), cannot be found in scripture anywhere……we have mandatory fasting 3X/week…..we have students unwilling to meet with people outside of IHOP after having stayed there for 6 weeks…….we have students with an aura of superiority over other believers outside of IHOP/a clique attitude…….we have a leader who is absolutely unreachable – who does not answer e-mails, letters or phone calls of non-IHOP people…….we have an organization that claims to be Christian but denies the very blood of Jesus as the leader advises that we are little gods…(Oh shoot, that last one was probably wrong. I got Mike Bickle mixed up with Benny Hinn in my notes. Bickle would never do that, would he…)

    • julie says:

      And to that, I wish to add IHOP interns (former or current) who are dangerously thin and unable to stop fasting. I have seen someone who looks like a concentration camp victim. Breaks my heart.

      • Ariel says:

        I agree Julie. Very heart-breaking. I have also seen that and some girls that I knew who were beautiful and healthy are now rail thin with indented cheeks, exposed bones, sunken eyes and pale yellow skin. It’s like all of the life has been drained from them…both physically and spiritually.