Righteous Dis-satisfaction

Posted: March 25, 2010 in Character, Truth, Uncategorized

I’m fed up. Tired. Disgusted. Over it.

I’m tired of my G-d being treated like a laughing stock–a mockery. I’m tired of seeing those who claim to follow Him not taking Him seriously…not taking Him at His word. I’m so sick of hearing excuses being passed off as reasons to not step up and live the righteous, no-compromise lives that He’s called us to. I’m tired of wishy-washy living and sin being looked over and permitted in the name of “grace”. Righteousness is righteousness. Period. There is no substitute and no external behavior modification has ever changed a heart. That is an internal work that begins in the spirit of a person and then expresses itself through action.

I’m totally over the chump change that is being passed off as fruit. The name of our G-d is being used and represented wrongly every time we turn around. I’m really fed up with the mirage that is being passed off as the image of G-d. I’m saddened to see the Creator and Master of the universe being so grossly misrepresented. Those who do so are not ambassadors of His kingdom…they are simply posers who are copying the dance moves without hearing the music.

When will enough be enough already? When will the true body of believers rise up and stop merely talking and start living the truth? When will we allow it to so permeate every cell and fiber of our being that it transforms us from the inside out?

When will we stop wasting time? When will we get serious about what it means to bear His name and what it means to call ourselves His children, His followers, His friends? Do we even comprehend the depth and vastness of what it means to claim those titles? What does it mean to be a child of the Most High? There is no greater honor or responsibility on the planet. Why do we think we have the right to take it lightly?

When will we understand that repentance isn’t a word. Saying “I repent” isn’t repentance anymore than saying I’m a size 4 makes me so. Repentance is a radical change of choices inspired by a deep inner conviction. It’s lived out. It’s visible. There is evidence of change.

I don’t know about you but when I step back and look at so much of what gets passed off as following G-d it disgusts me. I believe that we need to come to a place of righteous dissatisfaction where pleasing Him, following His instructions, loving His Word and living passionate lives of truth rightly defines what serving Him looks like. We must come to the place where we love what He loves and hate what He hates. The days of befriending compromise need to end and living holy set apart lives unto Him needs to become the new standard of normal. It’s entry level. It’s like the stock speakers in your car. It should come standard for those of us who call ourselves His.

I challenge you, my readers and friends, to set a new bar. Raise the standard. Dig into the word and let it tell you how to live rather than living what feels comfortable and then going to scripture to find some moral backing. Let’s live lives that truly shine and let’s be torches of truth in a world offering up unholy fires to the gods of self and leisure.

Let’s not chase after the fanfare. My Dad says that “not all that glitters is gold”. Not everything that others claim to be of G-d truly is. Forget chasing after the next big speaker, conference or best-selling book. It’s time for a spiritual detox…to come down off the superficial highs and feast on the meat of what is true and lasting.

Let’s start with our hearts–the inner person of who we are. Let’s allow the truth of G-d’s word to be a flashlight to our souls and let Him do some deep spring cleaning. Let’s deal with the skeletons in the closet. Let’s put some action to our repentance and ask for the Father’s forgiveness for misrepresenting at times what being His and following Him looks like. Let’s allow Him to lovingly prune and till the soil of our hearts so that He can make us into earthen vessels worthy of bearing His name, carrying His presence, and being channels of His love and mercy to a broken and dying world.

  1. nowzdharvest says:

    I found a website that says Yeshua should be: Yahshua.
    This site also says the very name: “Jesus” is an antichrist name: http://www.torahofmessiah.com/jesusproof.html

    Since I have no idea if this is an anti-semitic type of site, could you please comment? Thank you. I do not understand how, if someone is not writing the entire word for G-d, why they wouldn’t hesitate writing the word Jesus or Yeshua (messiah).

    Thank you.

    • Ariel says:

      Because my blog readers are both Jew and gentile I sometimes use the Hebrew name for Messiah but also use the name Jesus because this is the name that Christians would be most familiar with. By no means is this an anti-semitic site. I simply try to use language that a wide audience of readers can best relate to and identify with. I hope you understand my reasons in doing so and pray that you do not choose to become offended by either name used but rather focus on the heart of the content or underlying message and not only the terminology used to communicate it. Shalom and thank you for reading.

  2. Kathleen says:

    This Passover I have seen and realized more than ever. It is like people are encased in ice and as this ice melts they are able to accept truth but until it does they dont. I tried to tell them a Jewish Rabbi died as a sacrifice on Passover and resurrected on First Fruits for us. I am still learning but so many people wanted candy and bunnies and lies. Also lately when I watch tv ministers speak I am realizing how many deny Torah; and say the law is bad for us. I want to write and tell them to rip out the pages from Genesis to Malichi – and the rest of the book as well because Yeshua would never deny His Words, or Hs Father’s Words the way they do. Scriptures are taken one verse at a time out of context and being used. Just being used for whatever they want to use it for. Trampling His Words under their feet. This year at Passover, I was blessed with an immersion of the reality of truths. I will keep praying, studying and mourning for what I see around me.

  3. Annunk says:

    Believers have somewhat gone into separate camps lately. It’s either 1. the camp of lukewarm; 2. the camp of “on fire” – one-on-one evangelism soul winners; or 3. the camp of New Age deception in which they still believe they’re following Christ but are actually communing with familiar spirits and are, therefore, only noisy gongs and clanging cymbals.

  4. Diane says:

    I enjoyed your article, Ariel.
    Honestly, if I did not believe God was sovereignly building His church–that He is responsible for it–and that we are to obey Him by proclaiming repentance and forgiveness in Christ’s name–I would despair. What I see when I look around at what is called Christianity is fake- a deception. Lukewarm. People not willing to be labeled as unbelievers, but also not willing to deny oneself, pick up one’s cross and follow Him. And, if you are not willing—what did the apostle Paul say–examine yourself to see if you are in the faith.
    If you are truly seeking Him, wanting Him, He will be found.
    John 14:21…”He who has My commandments and keeps them, he it is who loves Me; and he who loves Me shall be loved by My Father and I will love him, and will disclose Myself to him.” God will sanctify His true children and His true children will want Him and will be satisfied with Him.
    God bless you!

    • Ariel says:

      I agree…”I would have despaired unless I had believed I would see the goodness of the L-rd”! Thankfully He sees what we cannot…His ways and thoughts and plans are so much bigger and better than ours. What a powerful phrase “I will disclose Myself to him”. That means that G-d allows who He is to be known by those that follow his instruction and love Him. What a deal! 🙂

  5. Annunk says:

    This wonderful post makes me think about an old song: Fat Baby – ‘He’s been baptized, sanctified, redeemed by the Blood, but his daily devotions are stuck in the mud. He know’s the books of the Bible and John 3:16, he’s got the biggest King James you’ve ever seen.

    And the song goes on…and sadly, believers in Christ are, more and more, falling right into that mold here lately. Even sadder than that, is the ones who think they’re really red hot! on fire! – are ending up in places like IHOP which is heavily New Age (though they don’t realize that).

    Pastors have really put the kybosh on preaching about holiness, godliness, putting down self and carrying ones cross. People, they guess, are finding it too offensive… Can you only imagine how offended people were when Jesus spoke sternly to the Pharises? When He overturned the money changers tables? When he spoke (!) to the woman at the well and told her to GO and sin no more?!!

    You are very right. To repent is not to say, ‘I’m sorry’ but to TURN from the sin completely.

    Prior to becoming ‘recovering’ alcoholic, I prayed and prayed each day, “Lord! I’m so sorry! Help me to quit drinking!” And sadly, I did that for about 15 years. Finally one day, God placed it firmly in my heart that if He returned, I would not be ready. He LITERALLY put the “Fear of God” in me. And suddenly, instead of merely being sorry about what I was doing, I was able to make a decision to step up to the plate and REPENT. I have no idea of the exact date or time. I only know that it was a “decision” to turn away from the thing which was keeping me from ever being able to truly walk with Him.

    No, if you repent from sin, you’re not perfect. We still sin and life still goes on. But oh the JOY of NOT feeling like I’m standing on the “other side of the veil”. Words cannot express it adequately.

    Many, many teachers/speakers/’evangelists’ and TV commentators today think that preaching/teaching or writing about an “easy” gospel will help people come to know God better than “the old way”. They need to back up and read Galatians 1:8. They are playing with fire.

    • Ariel says:

      So true! We were never called to the path of least resistance. We are called to walk the narrow road and the instructions laid out in G-d’s Word are the shoulders of the road that define what that path looks like and how straight it should be. Indeed the truth offends those who are in deception but it is a tree of life to the heart that seeks for it.