Blog Updates: Easier to read new layout and updated research links

Posted: June 25, 2010 in Uncategorized

Here are recent changes to the blog to make it easier for you to access and locate new information.

1) has a new layout!  Hopefully the re-design helps make it easier to read posts and find information.  The blog pages (About This Blog, Archive of Posts, etc.) are located at the top of the blog for easy access as well as in the left navigation panel under “Pages”.  Other features such as categories, tags, etc. will be the same and can still be easily found on the side navigation panel.

2) On the Research, Links & Sources page I have added about 10-12 new links to the various categories.  I have also added a “last updated” line to the top of the page which will be always show the last date when new information was added.

3) Stay tuned for a big blog announcement coming soon!! (how’s that for an anticipation builder?)

Thank you for taking time to read, follow and share your feedback on the blog.  I hope you are as blessed, encouraged and enriched by visiting as I am by hearing your stories, feeling your prayers and reading your comments and e-mails. I’m thankful to be on this rough and tumble journey together as we learn to grow in truth and daily deepen our trust in the Father.

Yours in truth,


  1. Jan says:

    Sadparent, i havent answered you on Truthspeaker recently because every time i write on it, it doesnt go through! I was enjoying everyone’s input but for some reason mine wont work. Maybe it will eventually. Please tell Annuk and others i hope to be back when it works!


  2. Jan says:

    Thanks for your input anytime re: false prophet Mike Bickle, Rick Joyner and all Latter Rainists! You have a great ministry.


  3. sadparent says:

    Ariel, your posts helped me to truly understand what IHOP did to my son. I knew what IHOP taught, but didn’t really understand exactly ‘how’ it was that they brainwashed my son.

    Keep up the great work.