The “Big Announcement”

Posted: July 9, 2010 in Uncategorized

This blog was created to provide information, support and encouragement to readers who have questions and concerns about the International House of Prayer. In it I share my own personal experiences and insights from being an IHOP intern, things I’ve learned, scriptural evidence for why the teachings of IHOP are not Biblical, etc. As I explain on the About This Blog page, I started this blog after receiving a number of inquiries from others about my experiences there. Concerned parents, former IHOPers, etc. had questions and I really felt led by the L-rd to start a blog to make my experiences public while keeping my identity private. The response from readers has been truly overwhelming. I never thought for a moment when I created this blog that it would generate such interest, get so much feedback and turn into what it has become. I’m incredibly humbled that my simple words and shared experiences have resonated with so many of you and that you have been blessed and encouraged by reading this blog.

Even with my involvement at IHOP being a number of years ago I’m thankful to have been given the opportunity and avenue to still encourage and minister to people who have been a part of, affiliated with or in any way affected by IHOP–whether that be those on staff years ago or those freshly impacted by more recent involvement. While I will still continue to share and write through the Gospel Masquerade blog I also want to be able to encourage those who, like myself, have been out of IHOP for a while or have moved beyond IHOP and are seeking to know how to grow in simple, authentic relationship with G-d .  I have spoken with many who are in a sort of in-between place where they have come out of something (like IHOP or other organization) and they have hearts set on truth but just aren’t sure how to go forward and grow from where they have been.

Now for the big announcement: I have launched a ‘sister blog’ to The Gospel Masquerade called Kindling Embers. It’s already up and I’ve begun posting on it so feel free to visit anytime. This blog is for anyone who desires to grow in truth, deepen their relationship with the Father , walk in a greater degree of freedom and wants to pursue authentic everyday lives that bring glory to the Father and impact the lives of those around us.  This is what I want in my own life and where I want to go with my writing so I invite you to come along and join me in the journey.  Wherever you are in your walk of faith, I pray that you find this blog to be a place of continued encouragement.

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  1. truthspeaker says:

    Sounds good Ariel….. I will check it out! Hope all is well with you!