Why Deception Makes Truth Hard to See

Posted: August 26, 2010 in Uncategorized

Have you ever noticed on your morning commute a building, a sign, a restaurant that you had never noticed before and then found out it had been there for years?  You’ve made that back and forth drive on the same road a thousand times and this is the very first moment you became aware of something along the way which had in fact been there the whole time.  It snaps you out of the blank stare and pulls you into a present awareness of your surroundings.  It shuts off the auto pilot mode and you realize “wow, I’ve never noticed this before.”  What is now very obvious to you seemed invisible on your other morning drives but what changed was not the building or structure but your awareness of is existence.

Truth operates much in the same way.  The truth is like that fixed building–strong and steady, grounded, solid, on a good foundation.  It has always been there and always will be but if we aren’t looking for it and aren’t aware of it then it fades into the background and becomes seemingly invisible to us.  One definition of deception is something which clouds our ability to see the truth.  Having a love for truth is the only thing that, through the grace of G-d, leads us out of deception.

I receive e-mails from many who have friends, family, etc. still involved in groups, churches or IHOPs that teach their extra-biblical ideas as doctrines and deviate from the simplicity and truth of scripture by teaching their own version of “truth”.  I can hear their frustration as they tell of trying to share the truth of scripture with those who simply don’t have eyes to see or ears to hear anything that is not taught by IHOP or doesn’t support IHOP’s central doctrines.  There is a lack of testing what they hear, a lack of sensitivity or openness to even seek understanding or find answers.  Instead they seem to just avoid and deny the existence of the questions.

The reality is that no one wants to believe that whatever they are involved in is wrong or in any way in error.  Very often deception becomes the wool that gets pulled over our eyes when we are afraid to be wrong and admit it.  In those situations, we can quite easily blind ourselves to what is true because to deal with the areas of deception is to also deal with the foundational lies we have chosen to embrace and believe.   Addressing and dealing with the cracks and holes in our own personal belief system is an uncomfortable place and those who require comfort are usually unwilling to go there.  They don’t want to identify it for what it is, unpack the lessons to be learned there and then move on out of it.  Instead it becomes a spiritual tomb where their love for truth just gets buried and forgotten.  The pride and fear of being wrong causes them to put up a defensive front.  This self-protective shield creates a personal prison that locks them into that wrongness because a love for truth cannot coexist with a desire to be comfortable.  The pursuit of truth will lead you down some uncomfortable and bumpy roads at times.  The price tag for living that kind of life isn’t a cheap one but the value is priceless.

Have you ever known something to be 100% true to the core of your being and felt utterly frustrated and bewildered that others didn’t see what you saw or know the truth you knew as if you were reading out of 2 different Bibles?  How can it be that the truth which is obvious to one person can be completely invisible and seemingly nonexistent to another?  The thing I have noticed in my experience is that the only thing that determines whether someone recognizes and embraces truth or not is based on whether they are looking for it.  It’s like that building I mentioned at the beginning of this post.  If you weren’t looking for it, it would blur into the backdrop of the morning commute.  There must be a heart for truth and a pursuit to know truth that leads us.  When anything leads our course besides a love for the truth, deception can always find a place to roost.  G-d is the G-d of truth.  He is not the author of confusion.  Where confusion exists there is a mixture of truth and error because truth is not confusing.  Truth brings clarity, understanding and freedom.  It’s the mixture that breeds confusion and inner conflict.

So friends, here is my admonition to you.  Set your heart on what is true.  Guard carefully what gains jurisdiction in your thoughts and beliefs.  Let the truth of scripture be a light to your course and a torch that illuminates your path.  If you have friends or family that are still swirling in the debris of deception, pray for them that G-d would put within them a love for truth so that He can lead them out.

Grace and peace to you.

  1. Dave says:

    Some people have worn their blinders so long, they think that’s what the world is really like.

  2. Eric says:

    I just discovered this blog serendipitously (through a comment on “Jesus Needs New PR”) and I’m delighted to see it. My family and I have been very concerned about IHOP for a few years now (we know some people involved in it and offshoot ministries) because of its obvious false doctrines and controlling spirit. It’s very encouraging to see someone from the group itself speaking out. Keep up the great work!

    FYI, I write quite a bit about spiritual abuse in general on my website.

  3. Jenni says:

    Hi, I found your old blog when doing research on IHOP. I have a friend that is getting involved with a student church planting movement that seems to be connected to IHOP. It’s called Student Church Planting Experience, a training course by All Nations, which was started by Floyd McClung. Idk if you know anything about it… Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks for posting info on IHOP and the prophetic movement. I hope that if my friend reads it from someone who has been involved, she will get out quickly. God bless!

  4. You have a very good site here and I felt compelled to add something . I was a teen-age Christian Gnostic growing up so I thought regular Christian churches were a bit Off the mark any way, but now “I am Born Again” I find this “New Christian Music’ to be the most distractive thing in the Christian Church today.
    Ever notice how the music in the hip church sounds like the love songs of the pagans outside the church?
    this bothers me no end and I found that Hieronymus Bosh (a monk and painter of moral reproves) felt that “silly love songs “would get you a good seat in Hell as well.
    Is this why he painted the miss use of musical instruments in Hell?
    Musical instruments in Hell seems odd at first , did not God invent music in the first place? I wondered about this and had to look into it more.There was a time in the church where music was to be played for God’s pleasure and not our own, yet these love songs and sweetheart songs were becoming quite popular and effecting the church, even way back then. The “sensual” has been a problem that has effected the church even back then. I do not think this sensual music or teaching should be used to seduce new converts or transform current believers. What do you think?

    Hieronymus Bosch

  5. Shattered Butterfly says:

    Great article, the more I know the truth, the more I look back and see things I’ve never seen before. LIke that building that was there all along, except I had never noticed.

    I don’t know anything about IHOP b/c I am Canadian, but I do remember my cousins in the states a couple years ago saying how they went to this convention and were “drunk” with the holy spirit and holy laughter, and that set off alarm bells for me. Something about it just didnt’ seem right.

  6. Sadparent says:

    Ariel, the new page look is great.

    “The pride and fear of being wrong causes them to put up a defensive front.”

    I read that and thought, “Well, that’s about it in a nut shell.” I know that in the early 80’s when I came out of Word of Faith doctrine, I didn’t even begin to see the mega-error until many years later. It was ‘holy laughter’ that caused me to realize something was wrong back in ’82 and that’s when I pulled away from what I deemed to be the spooky stuff. Even as a new believer, I knew ‘holy laughter’ wasn’t biblical. No way.

    I think about my son still being with IHOP and I think it’s possible that even years from now, he’s possibly still not going to be able to really ‘see’ all the error. I hope and pray for God to open his and his wife’s eyes all the time.

    This post was excellent.

  7. lily says:

    Awesome post! I pray everyday that my sister will see the truth about IHOP!

  8. red says:

    Another great post! Keep them coming. I,like many others, read every single one of them because you speak TRUTH! This post reminds me of this passage. (I don’t really like the message translation but it hits home here.)

    Matthew 5:11

    Not only that—count yourselves blessed every time people put you down or throw you out or speak lies about you to discredit me.
    [B]What it means is that the truth is too close for comfort and they are uncomfortable.[/B]

    You can be glad when that happens—give a cheer, even!—for though they don’t like it, I do! And all heaven applauds. And know that you are in good company. My prophets and witnesses have always gotten into this kind of trouble.

    Anytime you speak Truth, you will get punished in this world.

    • Ariel says:

      Red, thank you so much for that verse and for the encouragement. It is greatly appreciated! Thank you for reading and for taking time to comment. It’s great to know that others who share a love for truth are running the race with me. Blessings!