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To make it easier to navigate my blog and find previous posts I am listing them all here for more reader-friendly access. I will update this page as new posts are added and the newest will be listed at the top.

A post intended for the Kindling Embers blog on Living With a Heart Wide Open was published on the GM blog in error on 9/28/12.  If you received a notification and are trying to locate the original post you can read it here on that blog.  My apologies for any confusion.

Crossing a Finish Line…But Still Running the Race (11/1/10)  Ariel’s last post

Dealing with Criticism Online (10/21/10)

Pancakes vs. Prayer: IHOP Lawsuit Filed Sept 2010 (9/22/10)

Why Deception Makes Truth Hard To See (8/25/10)

The Prophetic is Not a Playground (8/1/10)

The Big Announcement (7/9/10)

Just Because It “Works” Doesn’t Mean It’s Biblical (7/4/10)

Blog Updates: Easier to read new layout and updated research links (6/24/10)

Out of Deception and Into Truth: Where to Start (6/1/10)

The Dangers of Experience-Based Faith (4/25/10)

Is it Really All About Intimacy and Eschatology? (4/19/10)

Addressing a Reader’s Comment About IHOP (3/27/10)

The Anointing (3/26/10)

Righteous Dissatisfaction (3/25/10)

A Word to the Weary Warrior (2/21/10)

The “Super Apostle” and their dangerous theologies (1/25/10)

The Power of Spiritual Addiction (1/18/10)

Fanfare vs. Fruit (1/18/10)

Why Truisms Aren’t Truth (1/18/10)

The Path That Leads to Life Is Indeed A Narrow One

Common Issues in Post-Cult Recovery

Some of My IHOP Red Flags

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Leaving the Land of “Never Enough”

The Gift of Tongues (A Question From a Reader)

Are Manifestations Really From God?

Charisma vs. Character

The Cost of Truth

The Secret Code Language of Cults

Contemplative Prayer, Continued.

Judgement vs. Discernment

Heresies: Re-cycled. Re-packaged. Re-named.

Kissing God & Emulating Saints: How Catholicism and The Bridal Paradigm are leaking into the body of Messiah

Truth Is Truth. Period.

Warning Signs to Be Aware Of

Why I Believe IHOP Is a Cult

Where It Begins…