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(last updated: March 29, 2013)

This page will provide some relevant website links, books, or other resource material for you to continue researching the subjects I write about on this blog.

Disclaimer: I do not necessarily hold to all the expressed views, teachings or beliefs of the sources sited.  I am purely adding them as a resource guide to aide in personal research.  While I do not fully endorse every source in its entirety, I do support aspects of the material for illustration and example and it is those aspects I am considering to be valid sources.  I am not responsible for changes or alterations made to information on these sites after a link has been posted.  Each site owns their content and has the right to remove/disable articles or pages at their discretion.

This page will be updated as I come across new things that I believe would be helpful and beneficial to you so check back often.  If you would like to contact me directly, I can be reached at


Another former IHOP-er shares her story & bravely reveals IHOP exactly like it is: Beth Cavete’s WordPress blog
Recommended posts:
Despising God, Extravagantly
The Last Thing You Ever Want to Do…
A Plea, A letter to those involved in the International House of Prayer

IHOP in the News:

27-year old Bethany Deaton murdered by IHOPU student in group sex scandal–Oct/Nov 2012

Kansas City Star article: IHOP (house of pancakes) lawsuit against IHOP (house of prayer) for trademark infringement–Sept 2010

The Pitch: IHOP Founder Denies Claims of Cult-dom

IHOP’s leader envisions ‘100 foot’ snakes falling to earth during Satan’s war with Michael the archangel

[The Pitch] The Return of the Prophets: Welcome to the Holy Bickle Empire in south Kansas City

[The Pitch] IHOP KC couple charged with baby’s death by starvation 

A “New” Spirituality (a different gospel that is sweeping the masses)

“From Truth to New Spirituality” By Berit Kjos

Magic Charms and the “Apostolic Prophetic Movement”

Cults and their tactics

“Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing”

Eight Criteria of Mind Control

How Does Mind Control Work?

The Religious Nature of Yoga

Contemplative Prayer

Mike Bickle On Contemplative Prayer–By Jocelyn Andersen

IHOP Openly Promotes Contemplative Prayer/Visualization

Kundalini’s role in Contemplative Prayer This is a pro-Christian mysticism site. Note on #3 about Kundalini where the writer directly links it to practicing contemplative prayer.

Thomas Keating on Contemplative/Centering Prayer

The Danger of Centering Prayer

IHOP Elitism and the Truth About Centering/Contemplative Prayer


The Dangers of the International House of Prayer (site: Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry-CARM)

IHOP-KC website

IHOP-KC Online Archive IHOP supporter has created a website where people can upload IHOP teachings and have them all in one place. For those doing research on Mike’s, Allen Hood’s teachings, etc. this might be a good place to find direct quotes and first-hand material.

IHOP-KC Mp3 audio and teaching notes in PDF (*interesting note: At the top of this group page they state that staying connected to IHOP “keeps your heart alive”.)  [*update: after linking to this page from the blog, that line was removed from the website]

IHOPer posts audio sermons of some IHOP staff

Audio files of an interview between Mike Bickle and Bob Jones as well as some sermons by the Kansas City Prophets. Feel free to download these to your computer since I don’t know how long this link will be available. If you click on it and the link has been removed e-mail me and I will send them to you.

IHOP senior leader Dave Sliker’s website–this is the post where he shares his personal testimony/experience at the “IHOP Student Awakening”

IHOP is a >13 million dollar organization. Where does its money go?

Video of Mike Bickle at Grandview City Council mtg on 8.27.09 trying to explain why IHOP is not a cult. Basically 5 minutes of verbal contradiction. See also article from the Pitch below which tells more about the City Council mtg and also includes this video.

A Look at the Kansas City Prophets
by Stephen F. Cannon

“My Eight Years With The Kansas City Prophets” by Don Clasen

The Dangers of IHOP and the “IHOP Dilemma”

The “Harp & Bowl” 24-Hour Prayer Initiative
and the ‘Restoration of the Tabernacle of David by Tricia Tillin

Mike Bickle and IHOP Cult-Like Tendencies

IHOP Taps into Spiritual Powers & the Psychic Realm

Another former IHOPer (Stephanie) shares her story.  Click the video to hear her experience.

Blogs containing posts on various topics related to IHOP, spiritual abuse, etc.

M’Kayla’s Korner
The Grey Coats

Dangerous Heretical Teachings

Mike Bickle’s Romantic Jesus: IHOP’s Bridal Paradigm
Theophostics: A non-Biblical Inner Healing & Deliverance model springing up in churches and ministries
Why the Theophostics model is NOT prayer or a Christian ministry
The Ravers Who Get High on God
YWAM’s history, affiliations and teachings…plus what ex-YWAMers are saying after leaving

Audio Podcasts

David Pawson is a British Bible teacher who has been teaching the Bible as the inerrant and infallible Word of God for decades. In this talk, he surveys how the Church in Western Civilization has been heavily influenced by Greek philosophy, resulting in significant differences in our attitudes and doctrinal emphases from what the Apostles (who were all Jewish) taught. (I do not agree with all articles or teachings on this website, but it was the only third party source I was able to locate which had audio podcasts of these messages.)
De-Greecing the Church–Part 1
De-Greecing the Church–Part 2

Recognizing and Healing From Cult/Spiritual Abuse

A resource directory list of various cult-related informational links

What Is Spiritual Abuse?

Elements of Spiritual Abuse

Profile of a Cult Leader

Why Young People Are Attracted to Cults

Father Images in Cults: Why They Have So Much Control

Common Emotional Difficulties After Leaving a High-Demand Group

Defining & Rebuilding Boundaries (hyperlink not working so just copy and paste URL into a web browser to get to the page:

Cult Resource Information

Wellspring Retreat & Resource Center

Apologetics Resource Center–Kansas City page
Rev. Keith Gibson is the Director of the Kansas City MO office. Keith is very knowledgeable about IHOP and its practices as well as other cult groups and organizations that use manipulation and scripture-twisting tactics to control its members and gain their loyalty.

Cult Information Center
Info about recruitment and manipulation.

Support connections for ex-members.

Cult Recover
Cult and abusive relationship information with links to resources for recovery, created by Rosanne Henry, M.A., L.P.C.

International Cultic Studies Association
Info about cults and resources for former cult members

General cult information from intervention consultant, Rick Ross.
Articles on Cults

Ex-cult Resource Center
Info, resources, books and links about cults